Make Smarter Moves

Without Thinking

We leverage the power of data and analytics to not only drive decision making and optimize marketing programs but also to keep track of your site health with tools that optimize your websites performance. Deriving insights that improve digital communications, merchandising, and promotions. We use that data to improve the understanding of your customers and develop smarter, more personalized digital experiences.

Track Your Most Important Metrics

Collecting & Analyzing the most important data points effecting your business giving you insights on the road ahead

Automate Your Alerts

Receive daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual & annual Alerts straight to your email so that you can take action right away

Intelligence Automated

With lots of data, comes lots of alerts and no action. We give you the power to control what metrics are being tracked (including Dark Social) so when something happens you can take action

Industry Standard Reporting

Our stunning custom cross-channel marketing reports from your connected data. Build reports to the highest industry standards with the help of our expert team. Automatically have your reporting delivered weekly, monthly, or annually after a quick and easy setup

Time Saving Work Automation

Easily add powerful and time-saving tasks to automate those processes you never have time for. Run tasks like 404 checks, Organic keyword ranking movements, robots.txt changes, Google Analytics goal configuration changes and lots more

Navigating Through The Dark

By tracking all public, private and dark social shares we identify the most successful content driving traffic & conversions,social networks with the highest performance and the reasons why your content is going viral

Dark Space Channel

Our Analytics tools provide you with crucial insights into sharing through private channels. Gain full visibility into the brand content that's being shared on Dark Social space and increase ROI

Real-Time Updates

Understand in real-time, how much social traffic each network is driving to your website, allowing you to identify the best content to feature and promote on social media

Special URL Shortener

Use our URL Shortener that tracks 100% of the interactions happening beyond the first click

Viral Alerts

Real-time alerts if your content is becoming viral in Dark Social space

Private Secure Data

You own your data. We won't share it, sell it or monetize it in any way

Google Analytics Integration 

We help you put the right traffic in the right bucket by integrating with Google Analytics

Better Data

Better Decisions

Our expertise ranges from enterprise digital analytics tools like Pixel, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Snowplow, R and BigQuery; all the way down to niche products (MixPanel, ClickTale, 4Q, Optimizely). Chances are we can help. Over the years, we’ve constantly been evolving from what we know, iterating from challenge to challenge to continuously improve our results. Our focus is to help you and your organization do the same, by using data to make better decisions, prioritize, take action and achieve sustainable results

Aiming Right On Target

Peak into the future with accurate predictions of your KPIs. Using the latest Machine Learning algorithm applied to your data, you can ensure that you hit your KPI targets every time

Futuristic Number Crunching

Tracking your spend on Advertising is part of your everyday life and there are multiple ways to do it, but nothing is as easy and intuitive as this.We take care of the number crunching and put everything you need to know in a simple and informed way, so you can focus on driving business outcomes

Life Changing Numbers

Whether you’re new to data analytics or you’re a seasoned veteran; we can help you with all of your analytics needs. From strategy planning to implementation,

Youphora will help take your campaigns to new heights