Navigating The Slippery Roads Ahead

The Business world is steady evolving and changing course so let us be your GPS

Bring In The Light

With our idea growth & creation platform your team will be able to take your ideas to another level preserving and organizing your game changing ideas so they don't get lost or forgotten about

Time For A Check Up

Are all of your website links working? If you are not sure, think about all of the potential visitors you have trying to access your site but being turned away by errors. Let us help you with regular check ups daily, weekly or monthly

Protecting The Brand

One of the best metrics for successful brand strategy is brand sentiment. It is tough to measure and may not be as easy to quantify, but it’s too easy for analytical owners to dismiss the vicenary work involved in branding

Growth Engine For Your AMAZING Ideas

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”

Dr. Mae Jemison

Lightning Fast Idea Creation & Managing

Move ideas to action much quicker with the leading all-in-one innovation platform built to capture, develop and prioritize ideas - with ease

Easy to Use Collaboration For Idea Growth

Give your innovation a place to grow, evolve and turn into value so you can build the future with a company-wide culture of in sync collaboration

Are You Really Open For Business?

KISSmetrics found that 51% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that crashed, froze, or received an error

Critical Services (DNS, IPs)

Our AI assistant monitors your website for known malware and malicious code. We also check your security headers, SSL certificate and if your website is blacklisted by the leading security authorities

Our AI assistant is like having your very own quality assurance team working 24/7

- Receive instant notifications when errors or bugs are detected

- Detecting server errors, JS errors, HTTP response errors, broken pages, links and assets

- Get detailed debugging information to pinpoint and fix problems

- Monitor website health trends

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring services typically focus on your homepage, the problem is downtime can happen independently on any page. A recent code update gone wrong, a CDN cache failure, a rogue plugin breaking your product pages, a script update that breaks your checkout page, a mail server issue preventing emails from reaching your customers are just the tip of the iceberg that can go unnoticed for days …

We provide 24/7 peace of mind by continuously monitoring:

- Uptime- HTTP responses for every page on your website

- DNS records

- SSL certificates

- Security headers

*Receive real time alerts by email, SMS, Slack, Telegram and Trello

Running Out Of Patience

KISSmetrics reports that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load

Pagespeed Performance

According to a Google study 87% of internet users in the US use more than one device when going online and they found that every second delay in page load can impact conversion rate by up to 20%. Is your website ready for a mobile first world?

Our focus is helping you track and improve your performance via actionable insights.

- Analyze website performance from desktop, tablet and mobile devices

- Monitor page speed

- Get actionable insights to fix performance issues

- Check how your home page display in different devices

SEO & SERP Optimisation

Out in-depth SEO audits check every page of your website for on-site issues that can affect your search engine rankings as well as identify areas for optimization

Some of the factors we check include:

- Title and description meta tags

- Duplicate content issues

- Broken links

- Header Structure

- Sitemap issues

- Opengraph optimizations

360˚Brand Protection

Find out what the world is saying about your Brand

Listen to everything that is being said about your company or product on all the channels that matter, be it web or social media. Our tools can keep you up to date with everything important in your market and anything connected to your company, providing real-time alerts straight to your inbox

Analyzing your competitors’ strategies is a necessary part of your growth strategy. The more you can find out about your business and your competitors, the more you can learn, adapt and ultimately flourish. Now you can spy on competitors from different angles and have a clearer view on where the competition actually stands

Find out who mentioned you and where the moment they did. Our tools gives you real-time notifications every time you get new mentions or links. You now have instant access to all the critical data related to your brand across the web and social networks

Lift Off in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

We understand that each situation is unique and staying fluid is key to helping you take on the immense challenges ahead